A demon posessed me...

...and forced me to record this song. From 2am until 4:30am. Damn you, rock demon, damn you.

papercuts (demo)


What is a blog for?

Today I had an unexpected opportunity to play music in public and I took it. Chris and Hannah were playing at the little 3rd Floor Hill show. I showed up after Jazz Colloquium with my bass and the person who organized the show asked if I wanted to play something. I talked to Chris and we decided to play Satellite.

It was fun, but very strange. The room was really dry, sound wise, and there were like 20 people, all sitting down. And I plugged in my bass to the huge amp but I have to turn it wayyy down and all there is is my voice and Chris's guitar and the bass. I just felt so exposed, I'm used to being shrouded in distortion.

I guess that's kind of the same way I feel about playing music at WES, but usually I have much more practice there.

Afterwards, the organizer asked me if I had anywhere people could get music that Chris and I made. (Oh and keep in mind that the way she asked me all these things was from standing on the opposite side of the audience, yelling across.) I almost led her to this blog, but I felt like that would have been strange. Plus I would have had to spell the URL, to everyone.

Makes me want to start building up a website again.

On Saturday, Katie surprised me by bringing Louis and Kate to SLC. We had a great time, and we all made drawings that I will post once I scan them / use to learn one of the 400 photo editing programs on my computer.


$15 at Takoma Underground!

So Catkins and I were being festive in my room and I have this tiny wheezing organ.

I Just Wanna Make Love To You - Catkins + XAQ

There's just that one perfect moment where you just understand an instrument. This time it was a tiny wheezing organ.

PS: Note that my sidebar is now EXPLODING with content. Welcome to the internet.


Fall '07

All by The Cameramen...



<3 Deerhunter: The Key To Cryptograms

I wrote this riff during beach week: Skinny Dipping

This is the best recording I've ever made (so far): My Mother's Health